Higher Academy of Sciences is a locally & internationally outstanding Academy in graduate studies, scientific research and innovation.


Through the integration of all the faculties of the University & its faculty members, Higher Academy of Sciences leads the strategic planning and management activities of the graduate studies, scientific research and innovation at the Galala University. It offers, through its three constituents, namely; Faculty of Graduate Studies, Centers of Excellence in Research and the Technology Valley, the best opportunities for graduate studies through outstanding programs that are locally & internationally accredited. Through partnership with the best international universities, Higher Academy of Sciences offers graduates needed by the labor market to compete in international, regional and local labor markets. Higher Academy of Sciences also plays a pivotal role in providing suitable environment and opportunities for scientific research and stimulating innovation that adds to the global knowledge and satisfies the needs of the University’s local environment and country’s development plans and transfer the output of the scientific research to the community.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Prepare a new generation mastering novel interdisciplinary fields of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, engineering and technology. 
  2. Provide the scientific and research environment that stimulates critical thinking, experiential learning and avail it to researchers inside and outside Egypt.
  3. Act as the development arm for the environment surrounding the Galala University while focusing on maximizing the benefit of the natural resources in the area surrounding the University.
  4. Build advanced technological industries that own its know-how.
  5. Establishment of companies that emerge from the research and innovations developed on the premises of the University.
  6. Contribute to availing strategic needs that are aligned with the sustainable development plans of the country. 

Proposed Areas of Study and Research

  1. New and Renewable Energy
  2. Water (Desalination, recycling, efficient utilization, etc.)
  3. Agriculture and Food (Irrigation, improving efficiency of fertilizers, increasing productivity of strategic crops, boosting agricultural productivity, enhancing food industry)
  4. Biomedical sciences (genomics, drug design and development, bioinformatics)
  5. Smart integrated strategic systems that coupe with the needs of the fourth industrial revolution such as micro/Nano electromechanical systems, sensors, smart systems, etc.) 
  6. Big data
  7. Public policies and external affairs
  8. Entrepreneurship and business development