The Faculty of Applied Technological Health Sciences seeks to achieve a distinguished and pioneering position in the applied technological education based on innovative thinking and problem solving. It also seeks to be a leading in applied scientific research serving the community at local, regional and global levels.


To graduate qualified personnel with international competitive abilities in the specialties of applied technological health sciences and to provide a stimulating environment for learning, innovation and scientific research production in accordance with international standards that contributes to building a community of knowledge. The graduates will participate with the medical team in the provision of high-quality health service to the community based on evidence within the framework of ethical standards and community values.

Strategic Objectives

  • To set programs and courses in accordance with international standards to help increase the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market.
  • Provision of an educational and training environment with the latest methods and modern technologies which contributes to the preparation of distinguished graduates in the applied technological field.
  • Development of students' self-skills through self-learning and continuous education to keep pace with the rapid progress in science and knowledge.
  • To entrench ethics and prepare graduates with outstanding professional ethical conduct.
  • Preparation of technical staff equipped with the principles of organization and leadership and able to cope with emergency situations efficiently.
  • Provision of training opportunities in accredited health institutions to provide the highest level of efficiency and performance.
  • Qualifying students to do scientific research to meet the needs of the community and the labor market.

Governing Values

  • Leadership (innovation, creativity, and excellence): outstanding performance is the faculty’s means to achieve its vision and mission. This will be done through many activities, which target students and staff members.
  • Quality (perfection, and continuous improvement and development): The quality of education is reflected through the graduate's competencies and the way they are introduced to society. The challenge is to confidently and persistently deal with continuous variability and to work on continuous development through improving performance quality, ensuring customer satisfaction, investing active human resources, and improving competent performance. 
  • Professional Ethics: The faculty is primarily concerned with building up the students scientifically and ethically. Thus, the faculty is keen to spread and assert professional ethics.
  • Dissemination of knowledge: The true value of knowledge lies in sharing it with others through the dissemination of research and studies locally and internationally. We aim to facilitate access to different sources of knowledge through the means of information technology provided by the faculty at all levels. 
  • Continuous education: The faculty emphasizes the importance of continuous education to comply with the rapid development in the field of applied technological health sciences.