A leading academic model locally, regionally, and internationally. It is known for Excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, scientific research, entrepreneurship, and community service in computer science and engineering fields and artificial intelligence.


Preparation of qualified and trained human cadre’s compatible with the needs of labor market at the local, regional, and international levels in computer science and engineering and artificial intelligence fields through the provision of academic and professional programs excellence. It encourages innovation, creativity, and carrying out applied scientific research. It maximizes the effective partnership locally and internationally in the production and dissemination of knowledge that meet the needs of society and sustainable development plans. It links with industry in a flexible framework that allows for continuous improvement while adhering to professional ethics and keeping abreast of scientific and technological development.

Strategic Objectives

Preparation of knowledgeable, skillful, and professional outstanding cadres on regional and international level through the following: 

  • Presenting sophisticated educational programs and courses that attract Egyptian and international students.
  • Encouraging the students’ scientific and technical skills, and participating in international competitions. Preparing students for future labor market on regional and international level.
  • Making partnerships with international universities for offering joint scientific programs.
  • Attracting industrial companies to share in integrating practical courses and supervise graduation projects.
  • Granting the Faculty, the local and international accreditation.

Configuring the appropriate environment for scientific research through the following:

  • Developing the appropriate environment for scientific research.
  • Developing the competitiveness of researchers.
  • Building and activating strategic partnerships with Artificial Intelligence companies and institutions.
  • Upgrading the research quality and level through continuous interaction with community issues.
  • Self-development of resources to enhance the Faculty research environment.

Development of community services through the following:

  • Strengthening the Faculty role in presenting specialized scientific services and consulting to private and governmental agencies
  • Strengthening ways of cooperation with companies and institutions that depend on artificial intelligence.
  • Strengthening the infrastructure and interest for continuous development.
  • Establishment of a consulting and community service center.

Governing Values

In addition to the values adopted by the University, the Faculty adopts the following professional values:

  • Consistency
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Freedom of thought & Expression
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Social Responsibility
  • Applied Research.

Main Areas of Continuous Development

The main areas of the continuous development plan of the Faculty to continue excellence:

  • Making partnerships with international universities to present Dual or Double Degree and achieve continuous students’ exchange.
  • Preparing distinguished post graduate programs to increase the scientific research level and guarantee building of research capabilities of the students and the teacher assistants.
  • Making partnerships with industry and community to offer innovative technological solutions that develop the Faculty surrounding environment.
  • Encourage the entrepreneurship culture for students and establish technological incubators and emerging companies; and establish a community service and technological solution marketing center.