Food Chemistry and Analysis Department

  • Food Toxicant and fine Analysis Lab
  • Formulation Lab
  • Nanotechnology Lab
  • Food Analysis Lab

Food Microbiology Department

  • Introductory Microbiology Lab
  • Food Microbiology Lab
  • Pathogenic Microorganisms Lab
  • Molecular Microbiology Lab
  • Industrial Fermentation Lab
  • Sensory Evaluation Lab

Food Science and Technology Department

  • Processing of fruit & vegetable concentrates Lab 
  • Meat, Fish and Poultry Processing Lab 
  • Edible oils, Fats and Essential oils processing Lab 
  • Sugar, chocolate and bakery processing Lab 

Dairy Science and Technology Department

  • concentrated, dried and cooked dairy products processing lab
  • LAB ice cream, and fermented milk products
  • physical & rheological properties and quality & safety of dairy products lab
  • Utilities lab 
  • Drink Milk, Fatty Dairy Product and Cheese Processing Lab

Human Nutrition Department

  • Biological Assessment Lab (Experimental Animals)
  • Nutrition Assessment and Nutrition Consultation Lab
  • Computer lab for food rationing
  • Laboratory for planning and preparation of meals and therapeutic diets