The Faculty of Nursing at Al-Galalah University aspires to become a leading academic institution in the region, via offering specialized nursing programs acclaimed for quality education, scientific research and community service.


The Faculty of Nursing at Al-Galalah University seeks to prepare qualified competent nurses keeping up with global developments to provide high quality nursing care to the individual, family and community in different settings through an educational program that emphasizes state of the art practice and current evidence-based scientific knowledge; foster values of critical thinking, self-directed learning; and encourage community oriented scientific research. It further seeks productive and reciprocal interaction with community services, which in turn enhances the development of graduates. The Faculty further promotes the values of collaboration between different health specializations. 

Strategic Objectives

  • To graduate nurses with critical thinking and decision-making abilities to provide appropriate nursing care to the individual, family and society based on their needs and in partnership with various community service institutions. 
  • To improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the nursing profession to keep pace with the advances in science and confront many challenges that nurses face in providing nursing care. 
  • To use scientific research engines to solve health and nursing problems and make use of research evidence in nursing practices and development.
  • To apply advanced technology and nursing informatics in nursing education and assisting graduates in using different communication technologies while providing nursing care that serves the individual, family and society.
  • To increase the competitive ability of students in the labor market locally and regionally by providing them with various competencies which qualify them to deal in different situations and use community resources effectively.
  • To graduate nurses who have the ability to use modern technological means, and to cooperate and participate on the social, regional and international levels for the purpose of solving community problems and contributing to its development. 
  • To utilize scientific research to identify health and nursing problems in order to reach innovative solutions that serve the individual, family and society; and publish and utilize research findings in clinical practice to improve the quality of nursing care provided. 

Governing Values

The Faculty of Nursing embraces the core values of the University, in addition to the following values pertaining to the profession of nursing:

  • Care: Promote health; cure and hope, depending on the human condition. 
  • Diversity: Emphasize individual differences between people; ideas and values.