Department of Basic Sciences for Physical Therapy

Electrotherapy Lab

Students are trained for using several electrical physical therapy equipment necessary for assessment and treatment of different diseases.

Biomechanics Lab

Designed with anti-reflecting walls for the purpose of motion and gait analysis using specific cameras and floors.

Hydrotherapy Lab

Supplied with therapeutic swimming pool with other rehabilitative equipment that could be used under water for aquatic exercises as stationary bicycle. 

Therapeutic Exercises Lab

Characterized by large area to accommodate numbers of therapeutic equipment and beds. It will be equipped with multiple electricity outlets nearby therapeutic bed.

Department of Neurorehabilitation

Neuro-Rehabilitation Lab

Equipped with instrument for assessment of balance and several equipment and tools used for rehabilitation of neurological and neurosurgical cases as hemiplegia and spinal cord injuries.

Department of Physical Therapy for Orthopedics

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Lab

Equipped with many of rehabilitative equipment used in real life with orthopedic cases enabling students to easily deal with equipment during clinical practice at hospitals. These equipment and tools include wheel chairs, crutches, instrument for measuring spinal deformities and others.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Lab

This lab allows practice on manufacturing and fabrication of common orthotics and prosthetics used for rehabilitation of spinal, upper lower extremities disorders as amputation, paralysis and deformities

Department of Physical Therapy for Woman and Pediatric Health

Pediatric Rehabilitation Lab

Supplied with specific tools suitable for rehabilitation of disabled children as cerebral palsy. Also, students are trained how to test for normal growth and development of children in different ages.

Women Health Lab

Simulating lab equipped with manikin and other anatomical dolls for practice in the area of woman health as pre, intra and postnatal periods.

Department of Physical Therapy for Internal Medicine

Cardiopulmonary lab

Equipped with spirometer, treadmill, stationary bicycle and cardiopulmonary exercise testing equipment for measuring fitness indices.