Computational Linguistics laboratory (lab is equipped with a listening platforms connected to the centralized system within the lab can Professor of audiovisual interaction with students, with the possibility to use Registry tools and presentation, in maximum 30 units).

GIS and remote sensing laboratory (contains the mainframe associated 30 computer LAN system equipped with GIS software, and printer in addition to Visual display device Data Show, while providing the lab with size and GPS systems).

Psychological measurement lab (psychological tests and standards and enabling environment to carry out measurements, and equipped with audio recording devices and cameras and computers and equipment to measure myself nervous).

Psychological tests Laboratory (laboratory experience, offers the possibility of supplying the plant with cameras and audio recording devices to be used in field research in psychology and sociology). to be used in research in the field of psychology and sociology).

Computer lab (equipped with number fifty modern computer connected to the Internet, with statistical analysis software and a Visual display).

Field research laboratory (equipped with advanced computer at least 6 GB of RAM, an audio- video recording devices to be used in field research in psychology and sociology).

Bibliographic reference laboratory (lab equipped with tools and meta indexing and substantive rules and different classification schemes and group of computers for training on electronic texts and software encryption library management software and creating libraries and digital repositories, search engines and strategies for finding information in an electronic environment and others, to be part of the College Library).