Strategic Objectives

(1) Strengthening the role of the university in producing and transferring knowledge and skills to serve the community and achieve the highest levels of academic excellence with the development and modernization of the institutional capacity and educational effectiveness and enabling the university and its various entities to acquire international academic accreditation and reinforcing its international rank.

(2) Providing quality advanced scientific programs that meet the needs of the labor market, considering national and international reference standards, while reinforcing education and learning; and providing the necessary smart and sophisticated infrastructure necessary for research and developing areas of excellence.

(3) Establishing an environment fostering creativity and excellence and development of the capabilities of scientific research and innovation to reach international levels in specializations of national and international importance.

(4) Developing effective academic and administrative procedures to promote excellence in education, research and community service by transforming university management to intelligent electronic management and ensuring the provision of all administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.

(5) Attracting distinguished students from different nationalities and preparing them to be distinguished in their fields of specialization, and leaders and achievers in their communities.

(6) To develop the leadership skills of students and prepare them as pioneers, by supporting them personally, socially, academically and professionally to become future leaders in their work and careers.

(7) Forming strategic partnerships with the local community and with distinguished international universities, including industrial bodies, and providing scientific and consulting solutions to the various problems of society through conducting applied research to meet the society needs.