Programs Overview

Programs Description

The main objectives of the academic programs offered by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at King Salman University is to create a new generation of business leaders well equipped with knowledge, skills, integrity, a sense of social responsibility, and individual qualities required to successful outcomes in today's business world. 

The curricula are designed to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of Management, Accounting, and Information Systems with a broad understanding of business organizations in today's knowledge economy. Successful completion of the curriculum prepares students to perform a wide range of tasks and duties and demonstrate leadership abilities, technological and intellectual skills. 

Aspects of Excellence in the Proposed Programs

  • Academic programs and disciplines are contemporary, linked to the labor market, and based on global references.
  • Advanced learning and learning systems based on standards, in line with contemporary global trends.
  • Teaching staff with practical knowledge and experience.
  • Distinguished quality of students with a genuine desire and ability to connect business functions and information systems in the contemporary information environment, and rapid developments in both the local and global economic environment.
  • An institutional framework and management system that achieves continued excellence.
  • Partnership / twinning with similar international academic institutions.
  • Strengthening the relationship with the beneficiaries during and after the study.

Programs Overview

Accounting and Finance Program

Management Program

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program

Marketing Program

Business Information Systems Program

Service Organization Administration Program