General Specifications for Graduates

  • The Faculty prepares graduate engineers who are qualified to compete in local and global markets.
  • The Faculty ensures that graduates meet the NARS attributes of the graduates of engineering.
  • To distinguish himself as the Graduate of the Engineering Department.
  • The Faculty aims to deliver graduates with expertise in the following areas:
    • Mechanical Engineering (Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Systems, Machinery and Vehicles Engineering, Mechatronics and Industrial Automation, Energy and Energy Management).
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering (Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer and Software Engineering)
    • Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering, Specialized Building, Environmental Architecture)
    • Mining, petroleum and petrochemical industries (petroleum and gas engineering, chemical and petrochemical engineering)
  • The Faculty helps students develop their abilities to use tools, methods and engineering programs which are constantly evolving.
  • The Faculty develops students’ ability to solve engineering problems, perform analysis, employ critical thinking and engage in teamwork and communication with others.
  • The Faculty develops students’ ability to learn independently and encourages sustained education.