Applied Health Sciences Technology


The vision of the department of Applied Health Sciences at GU to graduate well-trained specialists with the necessary knowledge and practical skills, to achieve the following strategic goals:

  • Graduating specialists who are able to efficiently manage health activities at different medical workplaces.
  • Creating a generation of graduates who are ready to actively participate in health studies and research.
  • Providing the country with assistive health professions in all branches of health sciences.
  • Providing continuous training for various health calibers.


Medical Laboratory Technology Program:

The program qualifies graduates to work in medical and research laboratories and bridge the gap between the laboratory physician and technician in this discipline.

Technology of Radiology & Medical Imaging Program:

The program of Radiology Science and Medical Imaging Technology program is designed to graduate technologists who are capable of performing various procedures of radiology & medical imaging of the human body, and to supervise the operation of different types of modern equipment to produce high quality diagnostic images.

Technology of Prosthetic Dentistry Program:

This program qualifies graduates to work in dental laboratories while focusing on providing practical skills for students to master the use of dental equipment and devices. Students get to fully understand the engineering fundamentals of medical devices and receive full training on the operation & maintenance methods of these devices.

Technology of Anesthesia & Intensive Care Program:

This program, which prepares graduates to deal with anesthesia and intensive care equipment, identify the technical defects that may occur, repair them and collaborate with bioengineers to solve related complex problems. Therefore, graduates of this program are the link between doctors of anesthesia and intensive care in one side and engineers of medical equipment on the other one.

Technology of Respiratory Therapy Program:

This program qualifies graduates to work with intensive care physicians, deal with ventilators and other respiratory equipment, maintain them, identify the potential and occurring failures, and repair them.

Technology of Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices Program:

The program provides students with the essential science needed to manufacture orthotic and prosthetic devices while focusing on their acquisition of practical skills in this area to perfect the manufacturing of the prosthesis or orthotic devices. 

Occupational Therapy Program:

The program of Occupational Therapy is an innovative field that has been lately introduced to Egypt whose graduates are of growing need worldwide. It aims at improving the quality of life for patients suffering from diseases as aging, stroke, neurological, osteoarthritis or cerebral palsy in children.

The program provides students with the essential scientific background to perfect patients’ assessment and design health programs to assist them in their performance of daily activities.

Technology of Optics Program:

This program qualifies graduates to work as opticians so that they can provide multiple services in the field of medical lenses. The program provides students with the necessary basic sciences in optics as well as training them on practical skills to master the operation of both diagnostic and therapeutic devices.