Students with a degree in dentistry study the causes, prevention, and advanced diagnostic and treatment methods of oral and dental diseases.


 • The Faculty of Dentistry at Galala University offers the highest level of practical professional training at the international level, as joint cooperation will take place between the university and the largest international universities in the United States and Japan, which will qualify graduates for employment around the world.


  • The university also offers distinguished programs for precise training in specializations related to medicine and dental surgery, and that is also in cooperation with universities and international institutions.
• The College of Dentistry contains an advanced clinical skills laboratory, which allows students to train before starting to debate patients in the university hospital attached to the university, as well as oral and dental clinics that provide a distinct community service to the city of Galala, which is considered the first tourist tide in the field of treatment in the next stage.

• The study of dentistry lasts for five years, during which the student learns the general foundations and basic medical sciences. Courses in dentistry cover anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, as well as practical abilities such as taking medical history, performing dental examinations, orthodontics and anesthesia. And you will then be able to pursue subspecialties in dentistry, which may include specialties of pediatric dentistry, dental prostheses, dental radiography, and radiology. The college also provides training in clinical practical skills, including performing the surgical procedure, in addition to developing personal skills necessary to work with patients and their relatives.


  • Learning takes place through thematic case discussions in groups, lectures, practical classes, and clinical experience. The assessment takes place through modern methods, which are a combination of a written examination, continuous student follow-up, clinical and practical choices, and includes reflective portfolio work, performance reports, and personal behavior monitoring during all stages of learning.


Seeking excellence and leadership in Dentistry locally, regionally and internationally in education, scientific research, and community service. 


The Faculty of Dentistry, University of Galala aims at preparing dentists who are highly equipped with intellectual, practical and professional potentials and give due care to continuous learning, and provide the medical service at local, regional and international communities. Moreover, the University aims at raising the awareness of oral health care among the community members.

Furthermore, the University is committed to serve its community by providing it with ethically armed and professionally developed graduates. In order to provide a unique treatment and preventive service in line with the latest modern science. Accordingly, the University provides its graduates with a super educational service through hiring an outstanding staff and teaching assistants using the best educational and therapeutically learning technologies.

Strategic Objectives

  • Preparing a qualified graduate with logical and scientifically learning ability.
  • Developing students' performance and improving their knowledge according to the future scientific development.
  • To take care of scientific research in areas that help the integrated health care in the community.
  • Providing high quality patient service in parallel with a distinguished student education program.
  • Community service through the organization of health care convoys and health awareness symposia.

Governing Values

  • Advancement of knowledge 
  • Diversity
  • Excellence 
  • Quality care and service 
  • Ethics and collegiality 
  • Internationalism 
  • Lifelong learning