The College of Medicine - University of Al-Galalah aspires to pioneer in the preparation of outstanding leaders in the field of health care and medical education, having competitive capabilities at the global level, by adopting a comprehensive vision of leadership specifications from a medical perspective.


Preparing a professional graduate, with competitive ability, capable of leading in the fields of providing medical care to patients, developing medical education, managing research projects and community and environmental service projects at the regional and global levels.

Governing Values

We strive to achieve excellence and truth in everything we do. We always seek to achieve equality of rights and balance between right and duty, and in the framework of mutual respect we work together for the benefit of the whole and the individual. We are keen to provide an example to be followed in the field of effective leadership.

Strategic Objectives

  • Making the university a regional center for the implementation and development of distinguished medical-education programs in the region achieving local and international quality standards, with global recognition of its graduates, through partnership with universities, institutions and international centers of excellence.
  • Preparing cadres in the field of medical education by international standards, through partnership with universities distinguished in medical education to implement and develop programs to develop the capacity of faculty members.
  • Upgrading the providers of medical services in the field of clinical skills and the latest methods through the center for continuing medical education and simulation, and partnership with internationally accredited training centers.
  • Providing competitive medical and therapeutic services to patients from the Middle East, Africa according to international standards and on academic grounds.
  • Raising the level of health awareness and provide medical services in accordance with international standards through partnership with universities and the Ministry of Health and providers of medical services in the area of East Cairo and the Suez Canal area.

The College of Medicine achieves its objectives through the activities carried out by the departments of the college, the university hospital, the continuous medical training and simulation center and its human resources represented by faculty members, students and distinguished graduates.

Axes of Continuous Development of the College to Continue Excellence

The continuation of the College of Medicine in its excellence in the preparation of distinguished leaders in the field of health care and medical education to them competitive capabilities at the global level, requires:

  • Partnering with international universities adopting similar programs.
  • Developing courses periodically in the light of the continuous development of strategies to build medical decisions.
  • Introduce postgraduate programs in the field of leadership and medical education in partnership with the distinguished universities in these fields.
  • Communicate continuously with the beneficiaries of the service to see their changing requirements, and to check the appropriate graduates for the tasks entrusted to them.