Pharmacy Sciences


The field of Pharmacy at GU prepares students to work in the midst of the medical team in harmony and effectiveness that reflects on the patient's health and care.

The existence of an on-campus educational hospital with international standards at GU trains students early on to cope with professional life; as it provides a fertile environment for interactive education, which is reflected in graduates’ personalities and soft skills, such as professional communication, practical problem-solving and leadership.

Graduates will be able to work in health care, clinical pharmacies, chemotherapy preparation, medical solutions for oncology patients, drug and poison information centers & medical surveillance and pharmacovigilance centers. 

Strategic Objectives of Pharmacy field at GU

  • Supplying local and regional markets with well-trained pharmacists with scientific competence and professional ethics.
  • Conducting creative pharmaceutical scientific and practical research that effectively contributes in the development of pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Bridging the gap between the faculty of Pharmacy and the related needs of community development. 
  • Providing students with the necessary courses, qualifications and skills that enable them to pursue their postgraduate studies in the various fields of pharmacy. 
  • Developing the process of pharmaceutical education and training through continuous improvement of curricula and courses according to the latest international standards. 
  • Organizing and promoting practical applied research and basic research as a vital component of the pharmaceutical sciences.