Social & Human Sciences

Applied Languages programs (Applied English Language)

This program prepares students to fully and distinctively master full English language aspects according to the most prestigious European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). Throughout their study years, students learn the specificities of language usage and its different applications such as: teaching, translation, editing and publishing, and other practical areas.

Applied Languages Programs (Japanese Language)

This program aims to provide students with in-depth study of the Japanese language that matches the international Japanese language tests (JPLT).

Students get wide exposure to the Japanese culture and its specific application of the different language aspects.

Graduates of this program have many local and international job opportunities in: teaching, translation, editing, publishing, and other practical fields.

Psychology and Sociology Program

This program introduces students to a number of concepts and theories through teaching them the essential professional skills of each of the two disciplines; Sociology and Psychology, and their interrelated study areas. 

Students in this program get assigned some intensive analytical and rhetoric tasks to build a critical point of view about issues and problems of sociological and psychological nature and their impact on both the individual and social levels.  

Graduates have the opportunity to join international, governmental and private entities and participate in research as well as societal development missions.   

Geo-Informatics Program

In this newly introduced program, the first of its kind in Egypt, students learn how to apply powerful technology to address current social and environmental challenges through data analysis.

The program presents a distinctive curriculum model of software techniques and applications of geographical complementarily in applied geography, surveying & mapping, GIS, remote sensing and GPS systems. 

Geo-Informatics at GU complies with the latest discoveries in spatial studies qualifying students to global standard. 

Graduates can work as remote sensing specialists in all GIS units in ministries and in the national authority for remote sensing and space. They can also work in local and global companies working in the field of geographic information systems and remote sensing.

Library, Information Management & Archiving Program

In this program, students learn how to effectively manage the processes of acquisition, organization, preservation and access to information and to present it in the form of information services based on the actual user’s needs. 

Graduate have the opportunity to work as: Special Librarian - Technical services Specialist - Information Services Specialist – Archivist - Digital Librarian- Repository Manager - Information Center Specialist - Director of Information Systems - Director of electronic records 

Economics & Political Sciences Program

This program offers a bachelor's degree in both fields; Economics and Political Science.

Students in this program conduct numerous researches in social sciences, economics, and politics, with the main goal of preparing a generation who will contribute to economic and human development.

Graduates will be able to work as: Economic / political analyst in press organizations - economic analyst in stock markets – diplomats - economic / political researcher in research centers.

Tourism Guidance Program

The main goal of this program is to graduate calibers who are capable of portraying the diverse impressing sides of Egypt. As ambassadors of our country, students learn to fluently speak different languages while efficiently promoting Egypt all nationalities. 

Throughout the program, students learn about various fields such as: history, archaeology, ancient Egyptian language, art, Egyptian society and environment in the consecutive history eras, also about.

Graduates will be qualified to work in a wide range of institutions and sites such as: the Egyptian archeological sites, different museum departments, project leaders, exhibit designers, curators, archivists, consultants and eventually museum directors and heritage site managers.