Why study Architecture at GU?


The Architecture Engineering Program aims to graduate architects who can understand and analyze the cultural values of the community and reflect this on creating effective, flexible and state-of-the-art architectural solutions in order to meet community needs considering the country’s comprehensive development plans.

Graduates will be able to link architecture and urban development to national projects in all fields, such as: tourism, economy, investment and the cultural needs of the local community.

For example: 

  • Demonstrating the relationship between buildings, their surrounding environment and the human factors through applying sustainable design concepts in architecture and urban design projects. 
  • Engaging with various engineering, technical and social disciplines related to the graduate’s professional areas of expertise.
  • Recognizing current scientific and technological advancements in relation with specific architectural disciplines.
  • Preserving the physical character and urban values of different regions while achieving economic, environmental and cultural sustainability.


  • Environmental Architecture & Building Technology Program
  • Urban Design & Landscape Architecture Program


Graduates will be qualified to get the title of ‘Architectural Engineer’ in the Architecture Division of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate. 

These programs are designed according to the latest international and local reports on overall sustainable development goals and strategies while also considering the global strategic goals of architectural education; this will allow graduates to develop smart architectural solutions that also benefit the environment and urban development on the long run.


The areas of expertise of the graduates are as follows:

  • Architectural Design and Digital Architecture Program (ARD):

The Architectural design and digital architecture program at GU optimizes the growing potential of digital design in developing innovative design solutions that meet the needs of the community and keep pace with technological progress in the field of architecture while achieving the comprehensive development goals.

Students of this program will go through through non-traditional educational methods and modern techniques to learn how to assist in developing ‘out of the box’ solutions in major architectural projects.

  • Environmental Architecture and Building Technology Program (ARE):

Students studying this program will have a deep understanding of the environmental and societal aspects and can use modern technology to provide innovative architectural solutions. This field of study is specially needed in the job market to develop sustainable designs that overcome contemporary environmental problems.

  • Urban Design & Landscape Architecture Program:


The program prepares skilled professional graduates capable of comprehending the visual composition of urban spaces and creating innovative solutions to achieve harmony between buildings and their urban surroundings while respecting areas of special urban nature.

Graduates of the Urban Design and Landscape Program (URL) can specialize in the field of urbanization and all aspects related to urban morphology, city visualization and outdoors design. This specialization is essential to build healthy modern cities and preserve the existing urban heritage.