Art & Design

Studying in the field of Art & Design at GU is a hands-on artistic journey that helps students grow their talents and build their portfolios. Throughout the study years, students get a well-rounded exposure to both art history as well as contemporary global artistic trends. 

Graduates of this field have many opportunities to pursue a career in different sectors including: furniture, television, theatre & film, museums & exhibitions, newspapers & magazines and advertising agencies.


Interior Design (Interior Architecture Program): 

Students get a chance to study with top professionals in the field through a journey of creative immersion in the science of transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing environments. 

Studies involve topics related to socio –behavioral issues, materials, interior building systems and life-safety codes. 

The program is designed to create a balance between innovation and insightful design thinking to equip graduates with problem-solving techniques and allow them to explore design environment in context of creating functional and livable solutions that meet people’s cultural needs.

The program opens various job opportunities in the following fields:

  • Companies and consulting firms in the field of architecture and interior design.
  •  Design, planning, quality, inspection (in the field of interior architecture).
  • Interior architecture of various types and forms including residential, commercial, medical, industrial, cultural & entertainment.
  • Technical interior design offices.
  • Produce virtual shots of projects.
  • Research and monitoring centers and universities.
  • Business and consultancy.
  • Development bodies.

Textile and Apparel Design Program: 

Textile and Apparel Design, commonly referred to as Fashion Design is the first fashion program in Egypt. Pursuing a degree in fashion and textile design is suitable for creative people who have an interest in fashion, clothing and the latest trends. If you have always wanted to design your own clothes, prefer an individual look to what everyone else wears and want to harness your creativity, then a fashion and textile design degree is for you.

Scenography Program:  

Throughout their study, students and aspiring designers will get to learn the process of creative and analytical thinking in developing theatre and cinema scenic designs. 

Students get hands-on experience at GU's theater and conference hall into the craft of creating the atmosphere and conveying the proper mood of an artistic scene.   

Scenographers can work in different artistic jobs: costume designing, exhibition and museum designing, architecture and art in public spaces, film and video production and different spaces in urban environments & natural landscapes.

Animation Movies Program: 

Students studying Animation Movies Program get immersed into the techniques and methods of producing animation through the guidance of some of the best professionals in the art of animation.

The program combines design and drawing skills with modern 3D technologies and filmmaking skills.

Graduates of the program have numerous job opportunities in the film and creative industries, including design and printing companies, digital media, animation production houses, as mass media, marketing, film industry and advertising.


Multimedia Design Program:

Students in the Multimedia Design Program study contemporary practices in the graphic design industry. The program also integrates a wide range of multimedia practices such as: video communication, digital media, print & web page design (including book design, magazines, exhibitions, packaging, branding, corporate identity and interface design). 

Graduates have various opportunities professional fields, including printing and design companies, publications and digital media. In addition to, other fields related to this

Visual Arts Program

In this program, students study all the technical and artistic methods of creating visual art projects and learn how to develop artistic messages that influence and communicate with a large segment of art audiences. They essentially learn how to develop a solid artistic concept while getting exposed to different media modes. 

Study involves working on different multimedia aspects as printing, design and animation movies.