Program of Interior Architecture 
Studies in the Program of Interior Architecture encompass knowledge on interior spaces and how they are used, on anthropometric data and socio –behavioural issues, on materials and finishes, on interior building systems and life/safety codes. The program is distinguished by the availability of job opportunities in the following fields:
  • Companies and consulting firms in the field of architecture and interior.
  •  Design, planning, quality, inspection (in the field of interior architecture)
  • Interior Architecture of various types and forms including residential, commercial, medical, industrial, cultural & entertainment.
  • Technical offices for interior design
  • Produce virtual shots of projects that design their designs
  • Research and monitoring centers and universities.
  • Business and consultancy related to specialization.
  • Research and development bodies and design centers

Program of Multimedia Design

This program aims at portraying contemporary practices in the graphic design industry. design and multimedia as an additional component.: video communication, digital media, print and web page design (including book design, magazines, exhibitions, packaging packages, branding, corporate identity and interface design)  Graduates of this sector can work in various ministries, public and private institutes, in addition to practice of freelance art works. Graduates can also work in various professional fields, including printing and design companies, publications and digital media. In addition to, other fields related to this specialty such as mass media, marketing, advertising and promotions as well as animation.

Program of Visual Arts

Visual arts programs study all the technical and artistic media for receiving visual art in an innovative and artistic manner. In all media modes, they work on printing and design in order to develop artistic messages. Other through multimedia such as animation films with different technologies. Graduates of this sector can work in various ministries, in public and private sectors, in addition to practicing art. Graduates of the department can also work in different professional fields, including work in design, visual arts and digital media companies. Graduates can also work in other areas related to this specialty, such as mass media, marketing, advertising and other disciplines that need visual arts with their varied artistic sectors.