The vision of the Faculty of Arts at Al-Galala University is to occupy a distinct position locally, regionally and internationally as an educational and cultural beacon for all art media to improve the aesthetic and artistic values of the society at large.


The mission of the Faculty of Arts at Al-Galala University is to prepare creative expert artists that are academically and professionally trained and qualified in accordance with the local, regional, and international employment market; able to adapt their thoughts, knowledge and professional skills to serve the community and to contribute to its advancement; qualified to come up with non-conventional solutions with the latest media through providing academic and professional programs and research in the field of Fine Arts, Interior Design, Visual Communication, Performing Arts, Music, and Cinema.

Strategic Objectives

  • To contribute to generating a creative outstanding platform in the field of arts.
  • To follow the updated systems and programs in art education, as well as advanced methods and curricula to keep pace with the new era and to meet the local needs to yield benefits on the economic, social and political aspects regionally and internationally.
  • To achieve high level of academic and research programmes to obtain international accreditation.
  • To provide advanced courses and modern administrative systems in line with the latest digital technologies.
  • to provide an enabling environment and innovative artistic opportunities through cooperation and integration with other disciplines, relevant expertise houses (consultancy firms) to achieve linkage between education and the labour market.
  • To promote education, self-learning and research with a focus of enhancing students' technical and design creative thinking, thus contributing to the development of leadership skills that help in dealing successfully with the community.
  • To form an advanced artistic platform for artistic media in a unique geographic location in Eastern Egypt that contributes to the neighbouring countries in the region. 

Mechanisms for Achieving the Objectives

  • Updating courses on an ongoing basis in accordance with international developments in arts
  • Providing advanced Smart infrastructure necessary for efficient educational processes and administrative services. 
  • Enhancing cooperation with major entities locally, regionally and internationally in the areas of specialization through cooperation protocols to exchange students, faculty staff, to conduct research projects and conferences, workshops and joint training.
  • Localization of expertise in the faculty majors by hiring leading experts according to precise criteria that help promote professional development.
  • Linking the educational process with the unique needs of our y region, whenever possible.

Governing Values

  • Leadership: to establish technical, scientific reputation for quality through faculty member’s performance scientifically and in research on local, national and global levels.
  • Dedication: to entrench faith in the idea of developing teaching, learning processes and scientific research.
  • Partnership: to promote fruitful collaboration with similar programmes, Egyptian, Arab and International ones through academic exchange agreements.
  • Self-development: to provide an opportunity for students to engage in lifestyle in a way that contributes to personal development and paves the way for them to succeed in dealing with society.
  • Respect for Values and Diversity: to respect the established values and the rich heritage of their homeland and strive to actively participate in the preservation of it and to treat all individuals on the basis of dignity and justice and to promote the values of respect and understanding each other, respect for tradition, and learn from past experiences.
  • Transparency: to pledge to act with integrity and transparency to achieve justice, boost confidence, credibility and institutional accountability in light of global humanitarian standards.