Do you have several types of scholarships and financial aid?

The university adopts a comprehensive system of scholarships, including scholarships for outstanding academic performance, scholarships for athletic excellence, full scholarships for top secondary school students, and scholarships for students who have lost their guardian while studying at the university.

Upon the University Council's recommendation, the Board of Trustees must announce these scholarships' details and conditions annually.

​​​​​​​Who can apply for financial aid?

All accepted students who finished high school in the same year of the Application and cannot afford to pay all the university fees have the right to apply for it.

​​​​​​​What are the required supporting documents to be enclosed with the Social and Financial Survey Form?

  • Original copy of status from social affairs
  • Copy of birth certificate for each (Parents-siblings- student)
  • Copy of national ID for each (Parents-siblings if adult)
  • Print of social insurance status for each working and non-working parents
  • Proof of net annual income of both parents

​​​​​​​Once I am granted a scholarship or financial aid, is it guaranteed that I will continue having it until graduation?

The scholarship and the financial aid are reviewed every year, and those who continue to fulfill a good standing in their academic performance will continue having their scholarships and financial aid

​​​​​​​When is the time for applying for financial aid?

The students can apply for financial aid after receiving their final acceptance email of joining the university.