What is the education system applied at GU?

GU applies the credit hours educational system; where students get to choose the courses they study each semester.

What is the meaning of Community Universities?

They are non-profit universities subject to law number 12 of 2009 and its regulations, and law No. 143 of 2019 for private and community universities. It is affiliated to the Supreme Council of Universities.

What are the COVID-19 safety precautions applied on GU campus?

GU obliges all students, faculty and staff members to put on masks throughout their presence on campus, check their temperature while entering GU gates and apply social distancing at all gathering spots on GU campus, GU also holds continuous awareness sessions for students and employees and spreads on-campus awareness material, to encourage them to stick to the essential safety precautions issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Are there any student activities taking place on GU campus?

GU encourages students to participate in diverse activities initiated on campus. These activities cover a wide range of student interests and fall under five main categories. 

  • GUnite (GU Student Union) 
  • GConnect (Cultural activities) 
  • GIgnite (Sports club) 
  • GImpact (Social club) 
  • GStar (Talent club) 

What are the different fields and programs offered at GU? 

GU accepted students for the first semester in the following fields and programs, more fields and programs will be operating soon.

Fields and Programs:

Field of Social & Human Sciences

Applied Languages Programs (Applied English Language) 

Psychology & Sociology Program

Geo-Informatics Program

Field of Administrative Sciences

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Program

Business Information Systems Program

Tourist & Hospitality Administration Program

Field of Media Production

Television Production Program

News Production Program

Advertising Production Program

Cinema Production Program

Field of Art & Design

Interior Design: Program of Interior Architecture

Communication and Media Art: Program of Multimedia Design

Visual Art: Program of Visual Art

Field of Engineering Sciences

Material & Manufacturing Engineering Program

Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Program

Construction Engineering & Specialized Construction Program

Field of Computer Science & Engineering

Artificial Intelligence Engineering Program

Field of Architecture

100 Architectural Design & Digital Architecture Program

Field of Basic Sciences

Nanoscience & Technology Program: (Physics-Chemistry)

Molecular Biotechnology Program

Petroleum & Mining Geology Program

Field of Medicine

Medicine & Surgery Program

Field of Dentistry 

Dentistry Program

Field of Pharmacy Sciences

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program

Field of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Program

Field of Applied Health Sciences Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology Program

Technology of Radiation & Medical Imaging Program

Technology of Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices Program


Occupational Therapy Program 


Field of Nursing Sciences

Nursing Science Program


How can students transfer to GU from other Egyptian or non-Egyptian universities?

If the transfer is from an Egyptian university, the studied courses are reviewed and accordingly, the year at which the student will begin his studies at GU is determined. If a student has studied some of the common courses between his previous university and GU, GU will consider them accomplished and the rest of the courses will be studied in the summer semester.

If the transfer is from a non-Egyptian university, the total high school graduation score of the applicant should match the GU’s required admission graduation score for his/her admission in addition to passing the university's admission exams. 

Are there housing facilities for GU students?

Yes, there are on-campus dorms for GU students. To apply for joining GU on-campus dorms and for inquiries, please email: housing@gu.edu.eg

Are there transportation services for GU students?

GU offers students' transportation services from different points across Cairo to and from GU campus.

How Can I contact GU?

Please contact us through this email: info@gu.edu.eg

What's the mechanism of applying?

Enter the link (https://admission.egypt-hub.edu.eg/) to fill out the electronic form of the university to be applied for (King Salman, Galala University, Al Alamein University).

Is the certificate awarded by Galala International University accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities?

All certificates are approved by the Supreme Council of Universities.